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You are at the best place for personal attention and education when planning and creating your custom engagement ring or other significant jewelry.

Let your dream jewelry become a reality. At Tulsa Diamond House, we listen to you and create from your input. With our custom designs or your own idea – let us create a “to-scale” sketch of your idea while you watch! It is a fun and creative process. Call us today for an appointment with our designer!

Our Custom Design Process

We start any custom jewelry design with a conversation about needs and desires followed by a sketch, followed by a CAD design, then the casting of the metal and setting the stones (either yours or ours) to complete the custom jewelry or custom engagement ring.

Currently located in beautiful downtown Grove, Oklahoma, we have been designing fine jewelry, especially custom engagement rings, for almost 30 years and have achieved a high level of interpretive skills and a wonderful team of craftsmen to make sure YOU have the design you’ve dreamed about! We make it easy and affordable to have a one-of-a-kind design. Call today for an appointment to start your custom engagement ring or any type of custom jewelry in northeast Oklahoma!

Custom Design Process At Tulsa Diamond House

What Makes a Good Design?

First and foremost your custom jewelry or diamond engagement ring should be attractive, well planned, and artfully constructed. The best craftsmanship won’t improve a bad design. It should be proportioned for the wearer, comfortable, and smooth (it shouldn’t catch on clothing). The most important thing to remember is design details are individual but the construction and finishing skills make the custom jewelry stand apart from the rest. We offer the most skilled artisans for every stage of the custom jewelry in Tulsa.
And a few more thoughts……

  • Good Quality Gems –the diamonds and gemstones should be of at least good quality. Poor quality stones can make the best designs look cheap.
  • Good Casting – The metal the piece is made of should be smooth and free of pits. Hand built jewelry may have more imperfections than a piece stamped out by a machine, but overall smoothness should still be seen. If the casting was not good, and has large pits in it, it could fail and cause the loss of stones or a major break of the piece itself.
  • Good Craftsmanship – Finally, you should look at the craftsmanship and finish. The prongs should be substantial enough to hold the stones securely (this is different for each size and location of stones on the piece), the stones should be set evenly and straight, and file marks from smoothing and polishing should not be visible.
  • Experience – If you would like to really get an idea of quality, go to some very high-end places like Tiffany’s. Then go look at lesser and lesser places, you know who they are. You will start to see the differences as you go along. You want to have your jewelry look like it could have come from one of the high end places. It will last longer and be something you can truly be proud to hand down to your heirs.

Ring Terminology

  • Bezel –metal completely surrounding a stone to hold it in place
  • Channel setting -stones are set in between two lines of metal. They can be individually set or multiples in a line.
    Engraving – can either be done in the wax stage of design or added after the piece is finished. It consists of finely detailed designs etched into the metal to add visual interest. It usually is used for adding an antique look.
  • Filigree -an open style design detail giving a piece an antique look.
  • Flush set- setting a stone down in the metal even with the surface of the metal. The stone looks as if it has nothing holding it in.
  • Half-bezel - metal only covering half of the stone to hold it in place.
  • Head - the main top part of a ring holding the center stone, or is the focal point of the ring.
  • Milgrain - a line of tiny ball-like details added to a piece that gives it a more antique look.
  • Pave’ – a style of stone setting resembling a paving or complete covering of metal by the stones.
  • Prongs - usually small wire-like part that holds the stones in the jewelry4- or 6-prong refers to the number of prongs used for each stone.
  • Shank - Part of the ring that goes around the finger Shared-Prong Setting – a set of prongs that hold more than one stone.
  • Solitaire - any setting that only contains one stone. Tension Mounting – a mounting design to use only tension of the two sides of the piece to hold the stone in place. This setting style is very open.
  • Two-tone - usually refers to using white gold and yellow gold together in one piece, but can refer to platinum and gold and other gold colors as well.


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